Hey! Hope you’re having a great day. My name is Ericka de Alexander, and I’m a Mexican-British writer/director and producer from Cuernavaca, Mexico (based in LA). I obtained my Undergraduate degree in TV and Film Production at USC in Dec 2019. Some of my most popular films are: the American-Italian dramedy, “Il Breakup” that I co-wrote, produced, and directed, which premiered at the Aero Theatre and won 1st place at the Cinema Italian Style Short Film Contest. The short film “The First Color”, a story that explores relationships of a family living with ALS and finding hope, which I directed and co-wrote, and premiered at the “LA Shorts International Film Festival” in 2020, and was picked up for distribution by The Disorder Channel! And “The Boy From the Lullaby”, a very dear film (my “first” short film) that I wrote and directed as a homage to a dear family member. It follows the journey of Thomas, a young spirit who is about to turn 18 years old and visits his family for a last good bye before transcending into the afterlife. My style focuses on exploring the inner-self through hope, vulnerability, and seeking the extraordinary within the ordinary. The genres I love and focus on the most are magical realism and drama, and to these I add a touch of Mexican and Japanese cultures, which are two cultures that I respect and admire so deeply for their sense of community and identity. 

Aside from directing, I have also produced numerous short films that have been official selections for festivals such as “Austin Film Festival”, “San Diego International Film Festival”, and “Taiwan International Queer Film Festival”. 

Currently I am directing and producing my first “featurette” documentary about “Undocumented Immigrants”โ€“โ€“ although I choose to name them “Invisible Citizens”. This new project is exploring the intimacy and complex relationships that these humans live with as they left their homeland and dear ones behind to fight and try to find a better future for them. We are expecting to begin Production in September. Make sure to check back in later for updates :)!

Thank you so much for taking the time and interest to check out my site, take care!

– Eri