E R I C K A  DE  A L E X A N D E R 

you might wonder why have i named this tab 'heyerieri'. that is a great question- for some reason, this has been my nickname for as long as i can remember. 


i'm a passionate creative director/ producer/ writer originally from Cuernavaca, Mexico. to understand how i care about things, you must know that my favourite person in this world is my aunt Sara, who lives with Down syndrome, and other disabilities. one of my goals as a creative is to highlight the voices of amazing people like her, and share who they are beyond their limitations. i strongly believe that film and storytelling are such powerful tools we can use to shape narratives, shine a light on the extraordinary side of our ordinary lives, and share/ teach our values with those around us. working in film is a privilege. it allows us to do our best to make this world a little better.   


i have a special interest for drama and magical realism, as well as Japanese and Mexican iconographies. growing up in Mexico, in a British-Mexican family, i became quite passionate about the subject of spirits and our intimate connections with nature, which is something that i have also found in Japanese narratives. 


random facts about me: kaonashi is my favourite character from any miyazaki film. favourite colour is yellow. the sound of music is one of the most beautiful films i have ever seen. apple pies are my favourite food. empathy is always the answer.