Hello, hello!

Welcome to my website. I’m a writer/ director, and producer based in LA. I hope you have a good time scrolling through my stuff, and hopefully one day we can work together!

A quick update about my life: I wrapped the show I was working on as a Post Production assistant, Grey’s Anatomy (Season 17). I learned so, so much while working on my favorite show and in a department that was in so many ways a new ground for me. The opportunity of working on TV was extraordinary, making magic and shooting a whole new episode every 10 days feels extraordinary. I wish that the pandemic hadn’t happened, because my first day on the job was the first day LA went on lockdown. But I tried making the most of it and had great virtual mentoring opportunities from my co-workers.

During these past few months, I worked on Grey’s all day, and after work and on weekends I began writing my first feature screenplay “Reminiscent”, which I have submitted to different screenplay contests, fellowships, incubators, etc. I am currently working with my producer from “The First Color”, Noémie Sornet, to bring this baby screenplay to life, I consciously wrote it in a way that would make it produceable with an ultra micro budget. I am happy to announce that right now “Reminiscent” has passed to the 2nd round of the MACRO x The Black List incubator partnership. I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on what happens next!

I have also started pre-production for my first featurette that I will be directing/producing, focusing in the lives of “Undocumented Immigrants” (Invisible Citizens, how I choose to name them). This is a very touching subject, and our budget is extremely low, but we will make it happen and we will honor the stories of these strong, vulnerable, inspiring human being.

Thank you so much for checking out my site and for your time. Nos vemos pronto!


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