my poetry. 


poetry is something that i never really thought i would write, or that would become part of my essence-- until i learned to live with an open heart. 


i started my poetry projects in the spring of 2017, after experiencing my first heartbreak when i thought i was ready to give love a second chance. i knew the human who open my heart was not interested in listening to what i had to say, so i started writing instead. i wrote my heart out. and the beautiful thing i found was, that other people felt what i was feeling too. that, in a way, i was not alone as these other humans could connect with my emotions. so i wrote more, i felt heard. i felt seen. validated, when i felt like i was not good enough for love. and the more i wrote, the deeper i got into my heart and began to write about deeper things than that one heartbreak. i began to write about love itself; love for myself; pain; innocence; my childhood; my future love.


poetry has found a home in my heart. it is my outlet for sharing with words what my heart sings, cries, desires. the safe place i go to when i want to scream, or dance. it has become my project for life. 


if you would like to read some of my poetry, please visit my instagram account @eri_dealexander to read how my heart is doing these days. 



- eri